Doing without…stuff

This post is about everything we have had to do without or make do with since we have been saving.

Which is, A LOT.

I don’t even know where to begin with this because we have had to make so many cut backs on stuff that we used to have/do.

I suppose I will have to start with the main one for me which is clothes.

I love shopping and would do it every weekend if I could. When I look back it was River Island this and that and I have no idea how I afforded it on less money than I am on now. I would probably spend around £200 after every pay day just buying clothes that I would probably get fed up with by the following month. I used to absolutely love shopping and didn’t realise how much confidence it all gave me until I had to cut back on my clothing allowance.

I then had to look for other interests instead. I now love walking my dog a lot through different woods and have started agility training with him. He’s quite a shy dog so it brings him out of his shell and is something for me to do instead, WIN WIN.

Now when going shopping I look for things that will last and mostly just plain stuff that I know won’t go out of fashion. Just call me Bryony ‘plain jane’ Hill. The last 2 years I’ve also saved a lot of this stuff too by putting it up in my mums loft labelled summer or winter stuff. Then I just bring it back out again every year and it’s like a treasure hunt. ‘OOOOO I forgot about that!’

Because we can’t go out now as much as we used to, that also limits the money I used to spend on clothes to go out in. I know most girls will agree, you could EASILY spend £100 on a total outfit and that’s not even counting the money you spend on a night out. Before you know it you’ve spent £200 on one evening, can’t remember most of it and the clothes you looked sassy in the night before have now been ruined with dirt and sick stains.

When seeing friends now I mostly just go round one of their houses for a brew which is completely free :). Believe it or not I actually prefer this now because we get to catch up properly and not try and chat whilst were drunk in a noisy club.

I probably sound like such a bore here, but this is what I tell myself to keep myself from feeling so down about the fact that in 24 and my partying days are over.

It’s probably for the best… I could never handle it anyways.

Now I mostly just shop in Primark and find anything over £10 way too steep for my budget haha. This is why Caine hates coming shopping with me because I always pick stuff up, walk around with it through the whole shop and then by the time I’ve finished, the buyer’s remorse sets in and I’ve put it back.

Now, me and Caine stay in and get excited about the takeaway we’ve waited all week to order as our ‘special treat’. As I said in my prev blog post, this has led both of us to gain weight so this is something we are working on cutting back. I’ve joined the gym and I know that if I go, I won’t want to ruin all my hard work by having a takeaway. I’m planning to go in the mornings before work but that means I have to get up earlier. I am going to need some serious motivation for this

I’ve also unfollowed some pages and clothing accounts on my Instagram as they just make me feel depressed about not having any money to buy all of the beautiful things they are advertising. Also all these people advertising it are stick thin so either don’t eat, or have the money for a proper diet and a personal trainer. These days I live off whatever is cheap whether I like it or not or healthy or not! Sounds like I am bitter… I am.

I went through abit of a depressed stage a few weeks back and just felt totally drained by it all. Me and Caine work so hard and it just felt like we have nothing to show for it. We just stay in all of the time. I listened to some old school Beyonce and picked myself back up after around a week.

‘Im a survivor

Im not gone give up

Im not gone stop

Im gone work harder’

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest now planning my dream home inspo. Most of these pics on here are totally un-realistic too but hey ho, I’ll get Caine to make a cheaper DIY version of whatever is in that photo. Most nights are also spent just scrolling through Facebook laughing at memes and tagging friends mehehehe. I love a meme.



Before saving my nails were always done and my hair was bleached to within an inch of its life so this is something that’s had to go. I grew my hair out and it was all natural for about a year (as it took me so long to grow it). That was so difficult as any girl would know, looking in the mirror and seeing massive roots was something that made me feel physically sick.

Only a few weeks ago I got my hair dyed again an ombre look so it’s not too much upkeep as it grows out. I just felt that id been saving so long and done so well with finding a new job etc that I needed to treat myself after not having it cut or anything for around 2 years. My photo on this post is one I dug out from around 5/6 years ago when I had more money, better hair and was a stone lighter.

I also now buy Sally Hansen nail polish as I find this lasts quite a long time with a top coat. I do find £6 abit steep for a nail varnish but…the ones I have have been in my drawer for around a year and haven’t gone gloopy or turned into a fossil which is great.

A lot of beauty products I’ve had to find cheaper actually, one being my £15 moisturiser that I used to buy (I know, stupidly excessive at the best of times) has now been replaced with a £1 tub of coconut oil from home bargains which I would highly recommend for beauty products. It’s so much cheaper than superdrug or boots! If I buy anything from there now it’s always something that’s on offer. I always use my superdrug and boots cards too to get money off when I shop there.

All of my usual products like deo etc I always put on my Christmas list too. Everyone buys you smellys etc so why not make a list and get the right products you want?! Honestly, my drawer is stacked with things I haven’t used yet but it means I don’t need to buy anything for a good while, probably until Christmas comes around again!

I am such a fan of expensive make up too, I am a makeup snob to be honest. But I haven’t actually bought anything since last May when I went abit OTT in the MAC shop in Florida. Instead of applying my best £40 a bottle Clinique make up every day, I save it for special occasions and have substituted it with Garnier BB cream which is really good for an everyday look. I have had to stop myself from buying the Kylie Jenner lip kits too because I looooove these. A lot of this stuff I will also put on my Christmas list too if I need it.

It sounds quite cheeky to have a Christmas list but I always get my family asking what I actually want. At least I can just say straight away and get something that’s actually going to benefit me and benefit me in the long run too so it means I can get these nice products and not have to take money out of my savings for them. I look at it as its all helping me on my way to my home.

Even down to socks and pants, these things should be a basic human right but we struggle to afford these. Caine’s been dangling around for a while (if you know what I mean) with holes in his boxers! That’s when you know its time, when you know you’ve hit rock bottom.



The biggest thing we have had to do without is a wedding. After getting engaged there should be excitement for planning a wedding but not us. Nada. We have had to put this on hold and have a long engagement in order to get our house. Both things are ridiculously expensive and we just cannot afford to do both which upsets me 😦 This is the hardest thing I think we have to live with at the moment.


Going forward…

I have found it so hard going without the above things but there are ways around it. I just keep telling myself, it’s only temporary!

Caine has a share save scheme with his work and so the money we’ve saved isn’t released until the end of March. (That’s the countdown on my page, 10 months to go) We are aiming to be looking for a house by January.

At the moment I write down everything I have spent through the week in my ‘save money and money will save you book’ and have decided to post this on my blog every week.

For the reason being that it will motivate me to not spend on shite. If I have to post it on my blog, I don’t want people seeing how I spent £10 in Mcdonalds, £5 on a meal deal in the co-op every day of the flipping week etc.



We had a nice weekend in Woolacoombe last weekend and only spent £20 between us which isn’t bad. £5 a day for each of us. That isn’t counting the £40 we put in fuel in our truck before it blew up. Mugged us right off.

We spent our 1 year engagement anniversary on the beach and invented some new games with Deef. Played search and rescue in the rocks by hiding and then seeing how long it would take him to find us. I found this way much more fun than I should have. Seeing his little confused face haha! Then we were throwing the ball into the rocks and seeing how long it would take him to find it. Again, I had way much more fun than I should have doing this!

So this week already hasn’t started out great for us to be fair with regards to money. Our truck blew up on the motorway and it’s going to cost £1100 to repair. We are probably looking at scrapping the thing to be honest but it’s just been a money pit the whole way through. Caine says it’s a blessing in disguise which it probably is to be honest! We’ll see. We might sell it for parts as we could get more money back this way. Anyone know?

I wish life would just give us a break at the moment

Also, its Caine’s sisters 18th Birthday and so we have 2 meals planned this week. We are going to Three Brothers Burger and to The Albion. As I’m -£50 it’s going to have to be a credit card job.

I am also seeing a friend this week, just having a cuppa so that’s free. Wahoo!










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