Week 14

This week me and Caine were actually both quite busy…

Quite good as all in all we didn’t spend that much! I think I’ve definitely needed to be busy this week and its been good for me. I’ve been getting a little fed up recently as we have been saving for a total of 2 and a half years now. Its just getting quite tedious and depressing seeing my friends all either settled down and having children or travelling the world and having nice things and/or experiences. I would say I probably feel like this every 3 months and it definitely gets harder to pick yourself back up again and motivate yourself. Just think of the end goal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of holidays and so I shouldn’t really be complaining but in order to have these and save, I used to live off the bare minimum and I mean literally, on the balls of my ass bare minimum. Its not been fun however I choose to travel and have holidays rather than save my ‘treat’ money for other things such as clothes etc. We have really shopped around for our holiday deals too which meant they have been cheaper. Our flights to Venice over new year were £60! You can travel for quite cheap these days but a lot of research is needed. For example, people told us Venice was unbelievably expensive once you’re there so we were really nervous about how much money we would end up spending. Turns out, not a huge amount. We ate outside of the main square which is where the restaurants seem to be more expensive. €40 for a spag bol? I don’t think so…

Anyway, the point is… do your research kids.

This week I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have a few things planned so this year will fly by I’m sure. Time seems to be flying by since I’ve started my new job too.

It feels awful to have to wish my life away but at the same time, I just want my own space.

This is how much we spent this week…


Monday – spent £0

For lunch I found a tin of Tuna in the cupboard and mixed this with some pasta and mayo. Actually was better than it sounds…

We went to Three Brothers Burger for Caine’s sister Ellie’s 18th Birthday which was lush. The burger was amazing and I don’t even like burgers. I was eying up the student deal of a burger and chips for £5 (cheaper than most fast food places) but turns out Caine’s auntie paid for ours which was so nice of her. Otherwise they do a lunch menu before 5pm where its also £5 for a burger and chips. I will definitely go back there when me and Caine feel like we need a date night. (date nights are rare and on a tight budget these days)

Tuesday – spent £0

Tuesday I went to Oxford with work all day where lunch was provided. FREE! I had some really nice brie and chilli jam sandwiches which were amazing and I definitely made the most of the freebie. It did mean though I had to turn the bedroom light on at 6am to get ready which Caine was less than impressed with. We live in one room, what am I supposed to do?!

On the evening we did have chip shop for tea. My mum bought this so its fine right? Also, I’m sure if someone else buys it for you it doesn’t have any calories?

Me and Caine also decided we would watch all of the X-Men films over the next few weeks and all of the Jason Bourne films so that should keep us occupied for a while. We then spent a considerable amount of time arguing about what a continent was and if the British Isles are in the continent of Europe… about half way through this argument I thought ‘is this what its come to now?’

We also took the free trial of Amazon prime because we thought it looked amazing! Turns out it wasn’t actually that great, a lot of stuff isn’t included so we cancelled that straight away.

We then used his mums Netflix account to watch the documentary on Jaycee Lee Dugard which was really interesting. We love a crime documentary.

Wednesday – spent £0

Wednesday I ate a ready meal for lunch which my mum bought me. A green Thai curry from Asda which was actually really nice! I felt guilty all day because I should have got up and walked Deef in the morning but I’ve been so tired recently that I hit the snooze button.

Caine got my gym bag out from the loft today so tomorrow, tomorrow is my day for the gym. If I don’t do that I will 100% be walking Deef tomorrow morning i’m not even lying.

I went to my friends house this evening so didn’t spend anything, just had a cuppa and a pizza which was lovely.

Thursday – £40

Ok so I didn’t walk deef or go to the gym. No excuse either, I just didn’t. I hit the snooze button and had the extra hour.

For lunch today I had leftover tea from last night as I had pizza at my friends instead which was cauliflower cheese with chicken and veggies. Pretty much a summer time roast dinner?

We went to The Albion in the evening for Caine’s sisters birthday. I was bracing myself for my bank account to take an absolute battering at this place but it was quite reasonable. I was trying to keep the costs down by having tap water however Caine had quite a few drinks with his meal which brings it up abit! I actually now prefer tap water with my meals to be honest, I feel like I can fit more food in!

I had muscles in white wine sauce and I cant remember what Caine had, anyway, it was £40! quite steep all in all! However it was his sisters 18th so not like it happens often.


We headed down to Woolacoombe for the weekend again with family and since my car has been battered, I have a hire car in the meantime which seems to drink the fuel. I put in an extra £20 more than I usually would have done! Luckily this just came out of my petrol allowance anyway so kind of an extra expense, but not too much.

Weekend – £30

Over the weekend I didn’t spend anything but Caine spent around £30 for the both of us on food and a few ice creams which isn’t too bad? We had a lovely weekend, walked the dogs along the beach again which they loved! Had fish and chips and played game of thrones monopoly which lasted about 4 hours! We have discovered Caine’s mum is the queen of monopoly. I was doing quite well and got a lucky break but as you probably know with Monopoly, it all came crashing down very quickly. I had to give up my cards and go to bed defeated even though id been so smug early on buying villages :(.


Time to get back to it this week, also going to go to the gym in the mornings when I can. Also I think I might try Hatha Yoga which is included in my membership. I need to get up and do something, like I said before, if I do then its likely I wont eat so much rubbish and in turn won’t spend the money on it so win win.

I try to organise my week on a Sunday evening and put stuff in my calendar so it feels like its booked in and I have to attend or do it. I feel like this works for me so we’ll see how this week goes!



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