Week 15 – £45.75

This week started off with my lovely brand new hire car. Unfortunately mine was damaged a few weeks back as some lovely fellow decided to drive straight into the back of my car and then proceed to tell me he didn’t cause the damage. I actually was abit lost for words! He was abit of a sketchy guy so I had a mild panic attack when I ran his reg through an Experian site which told me he was un-insured. Panic over when my insurance told me he was and that he had admitted liability.

My car went in to the garage to be fixed and so I had a brand new, 66 plate, shiny car. Its been so lovely to drive, really smooth and comfortable. Also made my life just so much easier! If someone calls me, I can answer it through the car! What is this magic?! It has air con, has an adjustable seat and an auxiliary input so I can listen to Beyoncé from my phone whilst driving to work.

These things seem like the typical things that are on a standard car nowadays but not mine :(. I cant adjust my seat any higher on my car so that means I cant really see over the steering wheel, being vertically challenged this is quite a problem. A few times Caine has shouted at me for driving over things I shouldn’t but I honestly cannot see! I’ve tried sitting on a pillow but its just so uncomfortable.

The music was a huge change for me too, the radio in the hire car was a DAB radio and I had so many radio stations to listen to plus my own music from my phone (my one Beyoncé album and that’s it). I was loving this! My car I can only pick up 3 stations on a good day! It also had buttons on the steering wheel so I don’t have to strain myself to change the station or turn up the volume.

The seat is also so uncomfortable in my car. When getting out from a journey over an hour my back starts to really ache and so does my neck. The hire car was so comfortable to sit in too.

The air con was a big change. On drives back from Woolacoombe me and Caine have had sweat dripping from us and down our backs because there’s no air con and we cant really open a window on the motorway. On the way back this week with the new car I was lovely and cool with a nice cool breeze on my face.

I usually hate driving and I did wonder whether I actually do or its just my car? I actually enjoyed driving the hire car. It made me think about everything I’ve been missing out on since saving and how much I’m doing without. I can totally afford a new car like that now if I wasn’t saving. Its not even a really high spec which made me even more sad because I was just glad to have what is the standard these days.

I’ve never had a car on finance and always resisted this because I know how much of a financial burden it can be. Especially when you really don’t know what’s around the corner. I am a commitment-phobe with things like that. I hate getting stuck into contracts. I’ve always managed to save the money needed to buy and maybe borrow a little bit to go towards a new one.

I’ve been abit down and lacking in motivation since I’ve had to give the beautiful baby back 😦


I made it to the gym this morning, wahoo! I’m so proud of myself! Got up at 6 and went before work. I need to get a plan together though as I’m like a lost sheep in there. I just don’t know what to do and where to start. Where I do start, I cant really do a lot before i’m totally dead and red faced. I also need to invest and buy some workout gear. I have some trainers and leggings but I really need a top and sports bra. I don’t have a proper top at the moment so no wonder i’m sweating like a pig. My sports bra is totally on its last legs. The clasp at the back should have 3 but is now holding on by one. One of the straps has broken and so my mum has sewn it back together for me. It now means I have only one (tight) way of getting into it. I’ve put it off as sports bras in my size tend to be so expensive! When I say expensive, my budget now is usually a tenner for one item lol!

Caine has been paid today and put £900 into his savings accounts which I’m so proud of him for. He has found saving money harder than me and since his payrise where his salary doubled, he has consistently been saving £900 a month.


I had a John West tuna salad meal in a tin for lunch which was rank. Absolutely horrid. I’m not a fussy eater but I really couldn’t eat it. I was so hungry so I went to Sainsbury’s and spent £3 on a meal deal :(. I hate doing this but I didn’t really have a huge amount of choice. Its either that or starve.

There’s a van that has just started coming around to my work at lunchtimes and they sell things like hog roast baps and salads that look amazing! Even sell cottage pies. Not that I would buy that. Ugh. But all reasonably priced.


I haven’t bought anything yet from there and I’m so proud of myself because I am such a sucker for good food. I watched it drive past my window in work today and sadly waved goodbye. I deliberately don’t carry cash around with me anymore for the simple fact that it makes money easier to spend. I’ve done this for a while and this method is proven. It has stopped me spending a few times.

I got my eyebrows done today too. This is something I actually do feel guilty about doing but can’t stop myself. I would say that I get them done around every 1-2 months at £30 a time. I do feel bad about spending this on eyebrows but at the same time, it is my one and only treat. I don’t get anything else done and only ever get my hair done maybe once a year? Always do my own nails, tan etc. My eyebrows do need taming too so if I didn’t, they would be horrendous. The lady who does them is absolutely amazing too and I would never go anywhere else now. I call her ‘the magician’ because she works magic.


Today is the day. The dreaded. The day I’ve had to return my beautiful hire car. I’ve loved having it and feel quite down today. Its just made me realise how much I actually do struggle whilst saving and how easy things could be if I wasn’t. How much easier things could be with money so I was able to have nice things. I do without a lot of stuff and this has really hit home for me because I have never had a decent car so I didn’t know what I was missing. I have decided that when we move out, I am going to treat myself to a new car.

For lunch today I had a roll, with ham and salad. The rolls from Aldi were 7p each! cheap and cheerful.

On the evening I scrolled through Fearlesss clothing website looking at all their lovely holiday clothes. I imagined how lovely it would look on my holiday walking around the town and going out for a meal, I put some stuff in my basket, released I couldn’t afford it, buyers remorse set in and then I closed down the page.


I actually got up AGAIN and went to the gym. I am so proud of myself. Although as I said before, if I am to continue I will need to invest in some proper stuff and get a plan together. At least its something though, even if mostly all I do is sit there with a red face and think of how tired I am.

My friend text me today saying that the Kardashians were on their 2nd workout of the day. What is this all about?! I can barely do half an hour!

This is good though, I haven’t spent any money on takeaway food! Only £3 in Sazzburys! I am about to spend another £3 because I prepared my lunch last night, had big plans of having a ham and salad roll again but someone ate it. FML. I was in a rush this morning to leave to make it to the gym so i’m going to have to buy lunch today. £3 budget again!

I have agility with Deef this evening too so another £4.50 will be spent. I do count this as one of my ‘treats’. Its really good for him and to be honest so that’s why I’ve carried it on, I don’t really have a hobby either. Caine has football which is £5 a week which is the only thing he really does too. I don’t feel bad about this spend because I can really see the difference in him. Also means I get to sit and talk to people about dogs for a solid hour. Amazing.


So proud. Got up and did a 6:30 spin class as part of my gym membership (so no extra fee) and I feel so much better for it. Tired, but better. I feel like this is the way to go forward as I really worked to my limit in there. An un-natural amount of sweat was dripping from me.

For lunch I had some prawns I found in the freezer, a bread roll and some mayo. Cheap lunch. But good.

This evening is a cheap one. I am going to see some friends at a friends house for some food. She is always a really good cook so this should be a good one. She also is now a homeowner so seeing her new place will be exciting! I will then come home and get everything ready for my first 5k tomorrow! Its a muddy dog run obstacle course with my dog so ill let you know how that goes down.

I signed up for this also as a way to save money. I knew that if I had a target, I would go to the gym therefore spending less money on going out and spending less on takeaway food. I would also get myself fitter so its good all round.


So this weekend I completed my first ever 5k on a muddy dog obstacle run. It was amazing and I would definitely do it again. I had to swim through open water lakes with Deef and go through muddy pits. I was absolutely covered in mud. Most of the time I slid down on my bum so my pants looked like I’d done something unholy in them! and still do, I cannot get these mud stains out! I think they could be destined for the bin.

I nearly lost my shoes (a few people actually did loose their shoes) and it started absolutely hammering down as we were half way through. Hollie fell on her bum a few times which was sooooooo funny. I haven’t actually laughed like that in a long time.

Credit to all the volunteers too who spurred us on by cheering at us when we started walking. One lady gave me her sandwich bag to pick up Deefs poo and gave us her water!

The dogs absolutely loved it too! They just thought it was a fun day out. Deef was pulling me along a lot of the time and dragging me through the mud pits whilst I was on my hands and knees.

All good fun though, (more pics on my insta of me, my friend Hollie and our dogs Deef and Lily. Yes, my trainers are supposed to be pink. I was lucky to still be wearing them come the end) and together we raised over £200 for Battersea dogs home. I have already registered interest for next year!


I would definitely recommend signing up to something like this whilst saving money. It sounds boring but it gives you a target and something to aim for whilst saving. Saving can be so boring at times so its nice to have something to do outside of that that doesn’t cost much. Also it benefits you and the charity of your choosing so its an amazing thing to spend your time doing. Its all about finding new hobbies.

My friends boss kindly offered to pay for the expenses on the day. My fuel to Windsor is paid for Caine spent £5 on a sandwich, sausage roll and a coffee for me 🙂

On Sunday, as you can imagine, I was so tired! I put a hair mask on my hair using my £1 tub of coconut oil which is an amazing replacement for some of the more expensive brands. It is solid but melts when you scoop it out. If you are going to do this though I would recommend putting a tiny bit of washing up liquid in with your shampoo when you wash it out to make sure you get all of the grease out! Otherwise you will be looking like a greasy frying pan after.

I finished it off with some Moroccan oil. I know this is quite expensive however you only need a tiny bit so it does last a long time. It is much better quality than the other brands and all natural. I received 20% off when I bought it too, otherwise I might have thought twice about buying it. Because it lasts a long time, I only bought the smaller bottle.

My hair feels amazing! Also I put a pore strip on. £2 from Home Bargains for 5 and I have found they are much better than the £10 Biore ones.

Also used my St Ives scrub which is usually between £4-£5 however its £1.99 also in Home Bargains. Pamper session on a budget!

image1 (002)


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