Off the wagon


I’ve been avoiding writing this post because, I’ve fell off the wagon with saving. I am deeply ashamed.

I’ve spent abit on my credit card. All paid off now but I cant help but think how much that money would have helped me with other stuff. MEGA buyers remorse setting in.

I spent money on the credit card for holiday bits and bobs. Our toiletry shop for holiday was a MUST! Can’t be going around smelling now can we and of course, me and Caine are two of the palest/freckliest people around so we need a good suncream.

But then I did buy some new holiday clothes and some new havainas. The Havainas were not needed but I did it anyway (they are pretty beautiful though). The only saving grace is that I did get student discount on them sooo. not all bad. right?

The holiday clothes were ‘ish’ needed. I had a few bits so I think I bought around 4 more outfits. We are going for 2 weeks so I would need more. I did well on the outfits though, I think they all came to around £50 which is good going for 4 outfits. Doesn’t excuse it though. I also bought an outfit for the airport because everyone needs an airport outfit!

As we only have hand luggage at 10kg and are saving the £50 on putting a suitcase in the hold luggage, we are only allowed to take liquids under 100ml on the plane. I have found something amazing…. you can place a boots order to pick up at the store in the departure lounge. Wonderful. I don’t know how I missed this for all these years?! So I’ve ordered all our toiletries and will pick these up at the airport. I would say its a total money saver as I find most of the weight in my suitcase is made up from toiletries anyway + it saves us needing to spend the £50 on the hold suitcase BUT…. you have to buy it from boots and I find them to be quite expensive. Our total toiletry shop came to £35 including sun cream and I only bought the essentials, nothing special. I think we may have to buy some more sun cream though, for Caine of course. Ginger un.

But all in all, doing it this way has saved us money.


This month we also went to Manchester for Caine’s birthday tour around Old Trafford. I looked at trains and these were £167 return each. EACH!!!!! Everyone tells you, get public transport, save the planet. I would love to but I cant bloody afford to!

We struck lucky on a deal on a megabus which cost £40 return for both of us which I can live with. Very uncomfortable though so it wasn’t the most relaxing drive I’ve ever been on but it was definitely the most sweaty. UUUGDHHDFHGHHH!

We didn’t spend a lot whilst there, just £26 on a Nandos after our tour. Caine loves a Nandos and it was his birthday treat.


We have also recently merged our money into one. We have opened up a joint account and set our salary to be paid into this. We have organised it so… my salary on the 5th of every month will pay our bills, housekeep, phone etc and cover a £200 payment into one of our help to buy ISA’s. It will also cover our ‘treat’ money 🙂

Caine’s salary on the 15th of every month will then be solely saved into our other help to buy ISA and our TSB classic plus account that we use as a savings account.

We figured it would have to work kind of like this way anyway when we move out. As in we would totally need a joint account so we thought, why not get used to this way now instead of it being a total shock to us when we move out. It will already be a total shock to have our own space and lots of it at that after living in one room. So lets keep the shocks to a minimum. I also feel like with a mortgage going through and a new house, trying to organise everything will really stress me out so the less I can worry about silly things the better. I am quite a stresshead and a panicker.

Which leads me on to what i’m panicking about right now. I took my engagement ring to be cleaned and inspected 2 weeks ago (as I should every 6 months for the lifetime warranty to be valid) and it came back with a stone missing :(:(:(:(:(:( I took it straight back and they were very apologetic and said they would take it back and get it repaired for me. They assured me it would be a maximum of 2 weeks. Fine.

Caine got a phone call a week later advising their ‘ring fixer’ (that sounds odd but I don’t know what to call these people) couldn’t fix it because of the type of band and because it has 4 diamonds. So it needs to be sent away half way around the world and will take 12 weeks. I was absolutely gutted, especially because we are going on holiday. I am so nervous and scared about it travelling that far. I only have jewellery that is sentimental to me and so if anything happened to it, I would be absolutely heartbroken.

The lady kept saying, ‘it is fully insured whilst its with us’ THATS NOT THE POINT! I explained to her I really don’t care of the value (sorry Caine) because I don’t want another one, I only want that one that was given to me on the day. I still don’t think she understood what I was trying to say.

Anyway, I asked for a replacement which they gave me and which is shit. Honestly, shit. Nothing like mine and I hate it.

They have since called me and said that the ‘ring fixer’ hahahahahaha has agreed they will fix it and it should be back by the end of July. I friggin hope so. I’ve ended up with so many spots and a coldsore from the stress.

It sounds like I’m being totally ungrateful which I’m not really, I am grateful they have given me a replacement but it’s just not the same.


I am all packed apart from some last min bits and bobs. I also need to pack Deefs bag as he is visiting his great auntie on the weekend. My mum is looking after him but then she goes to Glastonbury. He’s having a mini break.

I hate leaving him, I wish I could take him with me gosh I love him so much arghharhgahgrhg.

I am tomorrow also going to get my nails done etc so I am all ready for 2 weeks in the sun! I never treat myself to this, it is literally a holiday treat and I think this is why I get so excited about going, because it is a time to treat yourself and feel good. Everyone needs a break every now and again and I am learning not to feel bad about booking a holiday. I don’t use my ‘treat’ money on stupid amounts of clothes or going out. I do feel guilty and I do still get buyers remorse about it even now but I couldn’t possibly function, staying in one room all the time and only coming out to go to work. It would drive me insane.

I am just getting the last few bits done in work today as I am now off for 2 and a half weeks to spend it all in the sun. COME AT ME. Get my FACE, in that sun.







3 thoughts on “Off the wagon

      1. lollipopmegan

        Hahaha no I get that, usually end up returning half of it even if I need it 🙈 Sounds like a good plan!! X


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