Time is what we want most, but use the worst.

So, Saturday afternoon. I’ve cleaned the whole one room, vacuumed, polished, put washing on and walked the dogs. There’s something about fresh hoover tracks in the carpet isn’t there🙋🏼? Now i’m relaxing on the mattress with my baby powder Yankee Candle burning and a cup of tea🕯☕️. Both dogs are conked OUT. My good friend Emilie took Deef for a long walk this morning with his new friend Otis which he LOVED. She sent me pics of him out enjoying his walk and he honestly looked the happiest i’ve ever seen him🐶. Whilst he was out I walked his brother Dexter who is very nervous and anxious so walking him isn’t an easy task. Really stressful actually. I had to pop out earlier and was gone for about 2 hours to find that he had completely destroyed a pile of washing that was left on the sofa🤦🏼‍♀️.

The last few weeks i’ve really been giving alot of thought to how much I seem to be wishing my life away at the moment. I’ve easily just fallen into the savings lull and trapped myself.

I’m constantly looking forward to things that I seem to not be enjoying the present…⏱

Not only not enjoying the present, but I seem to be trying to rush everything i’m doing because I seem to be looking forward so much, and i’ve noticed its starting to make me anxious. I’ve definitely noticed this has now extended to everything in my life. I seem to be in a rush all the time and anxious because of it.

I’m literally just trying to get through each day right now and constantly looking forward that I don’t even remember whats happened in each day and take time to enjoy the little moments. Every morning I look forward to finishing work and getting in bed, then every day I look forward to the weekend, then i’m always looking forward to my next holiday, then i’m looking forward to getting a house. Its so hard at the moment whilst living in one room to enjoy life butttt time is just passing me by.⏰

I’ve noticed too I seem to leave everything till the last minute lately and then everything does become a rush which just increases my level of anxiety and stress. Why? Why am I doing this? I need to chill man🐢. I need to start taking my time. What’s the rush?!

I need to stop putting things off and just DO THEM. I am the Queen of procrastinating right now🤦🏼‍♀️. I honestly don’t understand myself. If something is stressing me out, why don’t I just do it? For instance, my car needs cleaning right now and every time I get in it it stresses me out. Why don’t I just clean it?! I also need a new parcel shelf for it because its so broken and gets caught up when I open the boot lid. Why don’t I just take some money out of savings to buy a new one and alleviate that stress?! Rubbish examples but it is the little things like this isn’t it? The annoying little things.

I also worry alot about things I cant control. Why? Why does anyone do this? Someone read me a quote the other day ‘Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything, all it does is steal your joy and keep you busy doing nothing’

How true is this?! I definitely need to live by this quote. I tend to put a huge amount of time to worrying and what does it achieve? Sod all. Imagine if i put that energy to good use?! I just need to start learning to let the chips land where they may and enjoying life a little more. I am a strong believer in fate so I need to start trusting more that everything is meant to be and will happen just as it’s meant to.🔮

I’ve decided i’m going to be more pro-active and allow myself more time to things so I don’t get stressed and overwhelmed. Then I feel as though the time I do spend on things will be more enjoyable and I will be able to give my full attention too.🎐

From now on every time I feel myself worrying about something I am going distract myself and get up and do something from my to do list and see how fast that comes down!📝⬇️

I am also going to dedicate more time to the things that alleviate stress and make me feel good. Such as writing my blog on a Saturday afternoon drinking a cup of tea with the dog in my lap. I love walking Deef and so I feel like I should branch out and walk him in woods i’ve never been to before. I’m going to sit down with my diary this evening and plan some weekends in some National Trust Parks 🏞🌱🌿. Walking gives me such a sense of freedom and ‘zen’💆🏼. I’ve already planned one, me and Emilie are going to walk up Mt. Snowdon which i’m so excited for as climbing a mountain is on my bucket list!🏔. Not exactly a huge mountain but you have to start somewhere. I’m sure we will be half dead by the time we get to the top. Amateurs.

I’ve decided to give myself more money each month to my monthly discretionary treats budget and so I feel like this will definitely help me too. This will kick in on the 4th when I get paid.💷

I guess this month i’ve just gone through a patch where i’ve been abit down. This is the second one ive had in my saving journey and i’m sure it wont be the last but every time they get shorter and easier to get through. For me its all about recognising whats making me down and then getting excited about steps to help me change that

ANOTHER moany post but i’m really enjoying writing things down and getting everything out. It really helps me feel more organised and motivated💪🏼.

Having said all this, I am looking forward to August 😂. It’s my birthday month 💁🏼♍️ and I’m going to enjoy every single day. I’m going to see if I can plan something for my birthday that I’ve never done before so if anyone has any ideas, Holla.

Now I’m going to shower and take my homemade pizza to my friends house and enjoy a Saturday in front the TV😊.

Lastly I would just like to say, the support i’ve had from my blog and my Instagram has been absolutely incredible and something I never expected from doing this so thank you everyone. Most of these people i’ve never even met but everyone has been so nice. Its something I definitely didn’t think I would end up making friends through! I love you all❤️.


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