10 things 

Thanks for the tag @sofieloueats ! 10 things I no longer buy/do now I’m saving money. I have to be honest, most of these things I still do but only on the rare occasion. I don’t want to COMPLETELY cut things out because I feel like ill be totally depressed about it and then ill …

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Holiday addict – professional help please?

Professional help needed?! Over the weekend, Saturday morning specifically, Caine received a text from his good friend Ismail telling him that Ryanair had just released a load of flights from £9.99. I'm sure you know where i'm going with this... We were thinking, lets just have a look. Although I knew already that Caine had …

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Time is what we want most, but use the worst.

So, Saturday afternoon. I've cleaned the whole one room, vacuumed, polished, put washing on and walked the dogs. There's something about fresh hoover tracks in the carpet isn't there🙋🏼? Now i'm relaxing on the mattress with my baby powder Yankee Candle burning and a cup of tea🕯☕️. Both dogs are conked OUT. My good friend …

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